Australian Apprenticeship Support Network has a formal process for dealing with complaints or concerns raised by any of its clients (Australian Apprentices, Employers, RTOs or others). If you have a complaint about an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network staff member or about a decision made by the organisation we want you to inform us immediately.

How to report a complaint

The first approach should be to the Support Network Officer or other officer concerned to discuss the issue. That person will formally record the complaint/concern in a register held at the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network head office in Darwin.

If a satisfactory resolution cannot be arrived at, the officer will inform the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Manager. If the matter cannot be resolved by the Manager, the client will be advised to put their concerns in writing to the Manager for referral to the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation.  

This should be submitted within 14 days of the decision being made. Alternatively, the Department of Education and Training provides a Client Support Line (13 38 73) for Australian Apprentices, employers and other interested persons to raise issues or lodge complaints in regard to services they have received from Australian Apprenticeship Support Network or employers.

If the client has been referred to another agency/authority to have the matter dealt with, and the client is not satisfied with the outcome, formal appeals mechanisms will be available to the client through the other agency/authority.

For further information

Please contact the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Management team on (08) 8935 8200.