Step by Step Guide

Steps involved in commencing an Apprentice

  1. Identify a training need and opportunity for employment of an Australian Apprentice.
  2. Contact Australian Apprenticeships NT for advice on the most appropriate Australian Apprenticeship training program to suit your position. Australian Apprenticeships NT will provide you with a list of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) able to deliver the training required for the Australian Apprenticeship as well as contact details to obtain information on appropriate wage rates.
  3. Contact the RTO's on the list provided who are approved to deliver the qualification. Ascertain which training provider will best meet your needs. It is advisable to check what fees if any apply and the method of training delivery (ie. on the job, off the job, block release etc). To view a full list of RTO's, please visit and search the qualificaion
  4. Recruit a person suited to your Australian Apprenticeship position. You can do this yourself or use the assistance of Job Services Australia or Group Training Organisations (see contacts). You can also visit the Apprenticeships Central website where you can peruse a number of potential Apprentices and Trainees.
  5. Contact Australian Apprenticeships NT on (08) 8935 8200. A Support Network Officer will contact, visit and assist you to complete the Training Contract and conduct a commencement visit with you and your Australian Apprentice. * Please note that it is a requirement under the Northern Territory Employment and Training Authority Act for the Training Contract to be received by Australian Apprenticeships NT no later than 14 days from the commencement of the Australian Apprentice.?
  6. Once a Training Contract is received, Australian Apprenticeships NT will register the Contract or if necessary, will contact you for further information. When all required information is received, the Training Contract will be registered and assessed for eligibility for Australian and Northern Territory Government Incentives.
  7. You will receive a ‘Notice of Registration’ as well as the Employer and Australian Apprentice copies of the Registered Training Contract. This will confirm that the Training Contract has been registered and assessed in the Northern Territory.