What is an Australian Apprenticeship?

Australian Apprenticeships combine practical, paid employment with structured training in order to achieve a nationally recognised qualification. Both apprenticeships and traineeships are referred to as ‘Australian Apprenticeships'.


What are Australian Apprenticeships Support Networks?

The Australian Government contracts private organisations to run the Australian Apprenticeships Support Networks. Top End Group Training Pty Ltd has had the Australian Apprenticeships Support Services contract to service the whole of the NT since 1999.

Australian Apprenticeships NT is unique to other AANs because it is contracted by both the Australian Government Department of Education and Training and the State/Territory Government in which it operates.


Who do I talk to about award rates, employer obligations, public holidays and allowances?

Australian Apprenticeships NT is not authorised to give advice on any Industrial Relations matters. The Industrial Relations Advisory Helpline is a free service delivered Master Builders Australia - NT in conjunction with Australian Apprenticeships NT. Contact the Industrial Relations Helpline on 1300 302 675 aacnt@mbant.com.au or Fairwork Australia (www.fairwork.gov.au)


I want to employ an apprentice/I want to find an employer to do an apprenticeship with, can Australian Apprenticeships NT help?

Yes. Australian Apprenticeships NT Gateway Services have experienced and qualified people who can help. They will provide one-on-one support to help you connect with the learning, training and work opportunities available to jobseekers. Australian Apprenticeships NT can also assist Employers with their recruitment needs ensuring the Apprentice or Trainee are the right fir for their business needs.

The Out of Trades register is also available to Apprentices or Trainees that have been cancelled or stood down due to lack of business. Click on the register that can be accessed from our home page or contact darwin@aannt.com.au with your interest and we will point you in the right direction.


How old do you have to be to do an Australian Apprenticeship?

Participation in an Australian Apprenticeship is open to anyone aged 15 and over. The Northern Territory Department of Trade, Business and Innovation will assess applications that vary from this on a case-by-case basis.


How much do Australian Apprentices get paid?

As with any job, wage rates vary according to the industry and employer. For specific information contact the Fairwork Ombudsman (https://www.fairwork.gov.au/contact-us/offices/northern-territory)  on 13 13 94


What is an Australian School Based Apprenticeship?

Australian School Based Apprenticeships are a formal, structured employment and training arrangement endorsed by the school, subject to a registered Training Contract and Training Plan and linked to an industrial award or agreement. For more details contact your school’s Careers Advisor or Australian Apprenticeships NT.


What incentives might I be eligible for?

Apprentices and Employers may be eligible for Northern Territory Government and/or Australian Government funded incentives, including the Trade Support Loans, Work Gear / Work Wear Bonus and Commencement and Completion Incentives. Eligibility is assessed upon submission of the Training Contract.

Visit the following site for more informaiton:


What qualifications are available?

Download the current certificate table from the NT Government website: www.apprenticeships.nt.gov.au