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Australian Apprenticeships NT has a joint contract which is jointly funded by the Australian and Northern Territory Government. Australian Apprenticeships NT services all remote communities and Growth Towns, this includes Gateway Services, In-Training Services, regular monitoring visits, sign ups, information sessions, mediation assistance, networking with stakeholders, marketing and promotions of Australian Apprenticeships Pathways and any additional services to Australian Apprentices and Employers as required. Australian Apprenticeships NT operates full time sites in Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs and Tennant Creek.

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The Northern Territory Skilled Occupation Priority List (NTSOPL) is an annually-produced list of skilled occupations that the Northern Territory (NT) Government identifies as jobs in high demand or are considered critical by business and industry in the Northern Territory.  

As a part of the annual review, the Industry Skills Advisory Council NT (ISAC NT) conducts a qualitative survey for the Department to inform and guide workforce planning and development for the NT. An occupation will be considered for inclusion on SOPL  if any disruption in its supply would result in significant industry or economic impacts.

The survey is provided to industry stakeholders to obtain evidence of occupations that should be included on the NTSOPL, and to determine  the level of importance an occupation has to industry operations and/or to  NT economic growth and social development.

Please help us make sure the right jobs are identified for the 2019 list. Evidence from NT business is vital to the process.

For more information and to provide feedback through a brief survey, please visit 

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